3. Sinister

Ellison Oswald tries to solve a family murder history by living in the house with his own family. He learns that supernatural forces are involved, and is in grave danger.

2. The Babadook

A monster has entered the house of one family because of a child’s book.

1. The Conjuring

Ed and Rowling Warren, the most famous explorers of supernatural phenomena in the twentieth century, are the only exorcists recognized by the Catholic Church and have experienced thousands of supernatural cases. One of the most horrific cases, The couple also blocked their case until today.
In 1971, the United States, Havell, Rhode Island, Pellon family of seven moved into an ideal suburban mansion, the head of Roger and his wife Caroline, and five daughters Andrea, Nancy, Kerry Siting and Epp were originally looking forward to the new house, but lived in the near future but found that this new house more and more wrong: the dog moved into the mysterious died the next day, all the clock at home will be all In the middle of the night to stop rotting, the house will be floating in the night when a rotten corpse smell, all the doors in the night will be frequently opened and closed, Carolyn’s body often there should not be bruises , Christine in sleep always feel that someone in the grasping her feet, sleepwalking Cindy fell asleep when the head will continue to hit the Andeliya room in an old cupboard, and Epp in the pet After the death of the dog kept talking to a child named Roy. A few days later, Caroline followed a clapping sound into the basement, but was locked inside, a point in the back of the head after the note of a clap of the palm of your hand. On the second floor, Andrea and Cindy were also attacked by unknown evil spirits.
Carolyn listened to Eid and Rowling’s exorcism rituals for help, and after meeting them they explained their family situation and invited them to their house. Ed and Rowling help to check their house, Rowling with his innate yin and yang eyes to see the ominous things. After recording all the things Roger and Carolyn had experienced using video tape, Ed decided to pre-empt the exorcism ritual for his family. He would catch the supernatural and report to the Catholic Church and ask the priest to come. Execute exorcism.