There are many elements to a good horror movie. You can tell a horror movie is good because you can’t sleep at night. You keep thinking about the movie and slowly you start avoiding certain things because of that movie. Example, you start to avoid walking past mirrors. You avoid looking under your bed. You avoid looking underneath your blanket. Or you avoid going to forests alone. Well that last one people normally avoid anyway. You get the idea.


The elements of a horror movie are as follows:

1. Phobia

You need to infuse a phobia in a movie. You can use someone’s fears in order to create a good horror movie. Think about something that you definitely will never do, and then use that to create your story.

Of course you have your main character. Now, all you have to do is add a best friend, then another friend (preferably the opposite sex) who doesn’t believe in ghosts. Then a really bad reason why they have to face their phobia. Now that’s basically every horror movie there ever was.

2. Surprise

Every good element, whether a horror movie or not, has an element of surprise to it. That wow factor is really what’s going to make a mark in a person’s head.

3. Suspense

You have to create an element of suspense in your movie. That thrill is what’s going to put your audience on their toes. Building up that fear is going to make your horror movie stand out.